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License problem

I try to install the license for "Remote Access Points" but I have this error:


"License key for feature Remote Access Points is not supported for ArubaOS"


What I have to do for repair this problem. This is a demo kit.

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Re: License problem

What version of ArubaOS?  Remote AP is no longer licensed in later versions of code...

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Re: License problem



I want install the RAP I received for my formation.

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Re: License problem

My formation is ended. I would like to test this technology but I don't know if I need a license.
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Re: License problem

What is the complete description / name of the license you are attempting to install?


Prior to AOS 5.x we did have separate Remote AP (RAP) licenses and Campus AP (CAP) licenses.  We did away with the RAP license and now the AP license (LIC-x-AP) takes care of both AP types.


Now, if you started with this controller on AOS 3.x and had installed both the RAP and CAP licenses then upgraded the SW to 6.x the RAP licenses would have been converted, automatically, to regular AP licenses.


You can go into the License Management System and view the pre-5.0 versions of your licenses and the post-5.0 versions at : https://licensing.arubanetworks.com/

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