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Licenses requirements in Active-Active Scenario

Hi all,


Can anyone tell me what would be the licenses requirements for 2 controllers in active-active deployments?

I have heard that in active-standby deployments, there is no need for licenses on the standby controller if you are running AOS 6.2, is that right? If so then would this be the same for active-active deployments?


I'm going to have total of 128 APs in our environment.



Immediate response will be highly appreciated.



THank you. 

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Re: Licenses requirements in Active-Active Scenario

Up until version 6.3, in active-active (I assume you mean master/local) you would need licenses on both controllers for the amount of AP's you would like to run on any 1 controller. In failover scenario this would be your total number of AP's.


The same applies to active-standby (I assume you mean master/standby master) as both controllers may need to host all APs.


In version 6.3 there is license pooling which should enable you to just have 1 set of licenses which can be shared across controllers. However, you would need to ensure that both controllers are set as master and backup license databases.



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Re: Licenses requirements in Active-Active Scenario

Thanks for your reply.


Let me tell you what i meant.


Total of 128 APs and 2 controllers we have. I want to terminate 64 APs on, say, controller 1 and rest of 64 APs on controller 2. Now all i want is that when controller 1 goes down, controller 2 should handle its own 64 APs as well as those which was previously handled by controller 1 (means controller 2 now should be terminating all 128 APs). Same should be true other way around.

Remember these two controllers are placed in the same campus.


So, for this scenario what would be the licensing scheme?   

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Re: Licenses requirements in Active-Active Scenario


In that case you will need 128 on each.




Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: Licenses requirements in Active-Active Scenario

Got the answer.

Thank you very much. :)

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