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Licensing for Aruba Airewave on an VM

I have to run Aruba Airewave on a VM and the requirement is to primarily support over 1000 Aruba APs.

What are the licenses that I need to purchase?

From the datasheet http://www.arubanetworks.com/assets/ds/DS_AW.pdf appears there's only one license and are named as "Device Failover licenses" and little confused on the purpose of this licenses due the name it carries(Device Failover).

Is it just synonymous to the device count that I need to support?


Can the licenses be purchased in any combination or I need to purchase it in from the available combinations only?


JW563AAE  Aruba AW-1000-FR 1000 AirWave Device Failover License E-LTU
JW564AAE  Aruba AW-2500-FR 2500 AirWave Device Failover License E-LTU


Also the Airewave that I am going to have will be in Active-Standby scenario. Can I run half the licenses on active and remaining half on standby or should the licenses be on the active only?

Re: Licensing for Aruba Airewave on an VM

Answered this on the other thread.





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Re: Licensing for Aruba Airewave on an VM

From the documentations found against the datasheet and the licenses, could see only one type of license available for airewave and i.e the "failover license"




Can anyone who has experience in airwave shed more light on the type of licenses related to airwave and whether it could be procured against customizable count?

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