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Licensing question

At a customer site we have a 3200 controller with 24 AP licenses (including PEF and RF). They are planning to scale up.


The whitepaper states that the 3200 can handle 32 APs and 128 RAPs, does this mean I can connect al these devices at the same time ? and will how many licenses would i need then? 160? since the RAPs also take up one AP license when active.


Re: Licensing question

A 3200 controller has an Campus AP capacity of 32.  A Remote AP capacity of 128.  You can load up to 128 AP licenses on the controller for use of both Campus and Remote APs.  However, for calculation of the capacity, you need to use this formula:


1 CAP = 4 RAP.    This is purelfy for the sizing, not licensing.    

Assume Campus AP = X
Assume Remote AP = Y


You can have any number of combinations, so long as X + (4 * Y) is less than or equal to 128 (for the 3200).


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Re: Licensing question


If you run this command you can tell how many rap spots you have left :
Show ap license-usage
Thank you

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Re: Licensing question

Thanks! This was the info I was looking for.

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Re: Licensing question

So what would be the way to go if I need to connect 86 APs and 27 RAPs and want some room for growth (say 15%).


Guess we will be needing an 3600 with 128 AP licences? 


This would give us a max of 128 APs and 96 RAPs... correct?

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Re: Licensing question

The 3200 can handle 32 CAP ~OR~ 128 RAP or some combination in between as noted above.


If you run out of capacity the controller does not need to be replaced. You can add additional controllers into the mix and build a Master / Local design.  This is a easy way to add scale. 


Click here to download our Controller VRD  which discusses multi-controller designs.



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