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Limiting bandwidth past user-roles

For our guest wireless I have 100mb user-role, that once youv'e accepted the captive portal, you share the 100mb with the rest of the users.


My question is, can I then rate each user to 5mbps within the 100mb user-role?

Re: Limiting bandwidth past user-roles

You can enable a per user limit in the role. So you could give each user 5mb. I assume this is a controller based deployment? If so see below.




You can assign a bandwidth contract to provide an upper limit to upstream or downstream bandwidth utilized by clients in this role. You can select the Per User option to apply the bandwidth contracts on a per-user basis instead of to all clients in the role.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: Limiting bandwidth past user-roles

Is it possible to limit per user and have an overall cap? This link is just telling me I can do EITHER role, group, or user

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