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Link Aggregation betweet 5406 and 7210

I was wondering if the configuration is this one before putting it

Actual config is

Core is a alcatel switch which i got a static link aggregation configured

On the 7210 i got this


interface port-channel 3
        add gigabitethernet 0/0/0
        add gigabitethernet 0/0/1
        trusted vlan 1-4094
        switchport mode trunk
        switchport trunk allowed x,y,z

Now we are putting a 5406

trunk C11-C12 trk3 lacp
trunk C9-C10 trk4 lacp

My question is if i should use lacp at the end or trunk, im thinking it lacp but im not sure





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Re: Link Aggregation betweet 5406 and 7210

Lacp correct, in recommend always use lacp because its a ieee standard.

Dont confuse at the term “trunk”, i

Trunk on a aruba switch we means to aggeregate interfaces. But trunk isnt a ieee standard and work different betweens vendors, so use always lacp if you cab because its a ieee standard.

Trunk on aruba controllers, hpe a-series and cisco switches we mean with trunk that there are more vlans tagged on a interface. Do this have nothing to do with aggregate interfaces.

Conclusion.... your right to use lacp as you did.
Kind Regards Marcel Koedijk
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