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List of the good features for a Campus Deployment


I have been studying for a while and also managing a reasonable size campus deployment. What I have realized is that the solution was deployed without a lot of useful features available. 


I know this may seem like a broad question but is there a list of the most useful features available for campus deployments so I can check that we have an optimum system.


These I the ones I have found so far through my study that were not used.

1. HA for 2 Local controllers

2. Automatic Blacklisting based on authentication failure

3. ARM profiles


I also assuming


4. Clientmatch

5. Air Monitors


Is there any other useful ones that I am missing. I understand alot of these things will depend on the network and customer requirements and these questions should have been asked up-front, but some of these features have been added to later releases and weren't available when the solution was built.











Re: List of the good features for a Campus Deployment

What code version is currently running on your controllers? 

Sean Rynearson
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