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Local HA Controllers Move

Fellow Airheads,


I have a pair of local controllers (7210s) in an HA setup (fast failover with state sync) that I need to move to another site. I will need to re-IP everything at the new location and was wondering if there is a good sequence to move these and also minimize downtime? I was thinking the sequence would be:

1. Move standby controller

2. Re-IP and re-configure to be new active, create new AP group with this as primary LMS, and create new HA group

3. Re-assign APs to new group and cause re-registration to new active- downtime would be limited to AP reboot time

4. Move former active controller

5. Re-IP and re-configure to be new standby

6. Add both controllers to new HA group


Thoughts? Anyone have a better sequence of events?

Re: Local HA Controllers Move

Thats a good plan.

If you are planning on keeping the same config and code for the move , you could also remove the old IP from HA and add the new one of the standby that way the APs will be a standby tunnel to the standby controller and that way if the active controller goes away the APs will transition to the other controller .

Can the master support APs ?
Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: Local HA Controllers Move

Yes, the config and code will be the same and will be rejoined to the same master cluster. Since I am using HA, do the LMS and bkup LMS in the system profile no longer matter? I would prefer to keep the same AP group if possible. And yes, I have a 7210 master and am using centralized licensing.

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