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Location Based Services in Controller and AAA

I have a single SSID on my network and i want to offer LBS. How i can configure the LBS services based on AAA. I think that ap-group is the best option but the point is how my AAA will read ap-group attribute in order to decide which service should be allowed based on the ap-group. I need to know which AAA attribute will help to learn the ap-group in radius request?

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Re: Location Based Services in Controller and AAA

Hi friend,


You can achieve this by using NAS ID in radius server profile.

1. Create two separate RADSIUS server profiles with different NAS IDs ( EX : LOC1 and LOC2)

2. Create two separate AAA profiles and map these two RADIUS servers

3. Create two AP-Groups and map these AAA profiles.

4. Provision APs accordingly.


Now Authenticator will send different NAS ids based on the AP location.

Hope you got some solution, please feel free for any further help on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: Location Based Services in Controller and AAA

The Aruba controller will send both the AP group and AP name as VSAs which you can key off of.


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