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Logging RADIUS server failures

Hi All,


I'm looking to create an alert any time one of our RADIUS servers is unavailable from the controller perspective. 


Can anyone point me to a syslog or trap that could be used for this? I'm not interested user authentication failures, only server failures. 




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Re: Logging RADIUS server failures

(Aruba7005-US) #show snmp trap-list | include Server
wlsxAuthServerAcctTimedOut                 Yes           Enabled
wlsxAuthServerIsUp                         Yes           Enabled
wlsxAuthServerReqTimedOut                  Yes           Enabled
wlsxAuthServerTimedOut                     Yes           Enabled
wlsxESIServerDown                          Yes           Enabled
wlsxESIServerUp                            Yes           Enabled
wlsxEsiServerChanged                       Yes           Enabled
wlsxLicenseServerExpiry                    Yes           Enabled
wlsxNAuthServerAcctTimedOut                Yes           Enabled
wlsxNAuthServerAllInService                Yes           Enabled
wlsxNAuthServerIsDown                      Yes           Enabled
wlsxNAuthServerIsUp                        Yes           Enabled
wlsxNAuthServerReqTimedOut                 Yes           Enabled
wlsxNAuthServerTimedOut                    Yes           Enabled
wlsxNESIServerDown                         Yes           Enabled
wlsxNESIServerUp                           Yes           Enabled
wlsxPortalServerDown                       Yes           Enabled
wlsxPortalServerUp                         Yes           Enabled

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Re: Logging RADIUS server failures



Thank you very much for the information.



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