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Logging Wireless Issues

I would like to enable logging so that I can review wireless client issues after they have occured.  I tend to get alot of requests noting the wireless connection caused an issue with an application but turning debugging on after the fact doesnt help if the problem doesnt occur afterwards.  If I want to log some basic information to a syslog server, so I can at least see client association and disassociation messages, what level of logging should I enable?   


  I have a pair of 6000 controllers configured in a Master/Standby setup, wireless clients connected trend between 800-1000 at peak usage.  Would I be able to log some basic client info without overloading this setup? 





Re: Logging Wireless Issues

It's quite easy to set up, just log into the management GUI and click 'Configuration' on top, and 'logging' on the left.

The setup isn't too hard to muddle through.




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Re: Logging Wireless Issues

Thanks Matthew, I discovered that our current syslog software is very limited, I was hoping to try a different software but to have both running I need to have the new software listen on a port other than 514.  Do you know if its possible to specify a different port for a logging server or is the default of udp on 514 the only option from the aruba controller? 

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