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Re: Lost internet connectivity

One of your engineers appears to have sussed it.  Still unsure why this would suddenly start causing issues when it hadn't previously however.


Below is the summary


1. We were seeing issues with clients not able to pass traffic to internet.
2. We see the issues only for wireless and not for direct wired clients on same vlan.
3. Created a new test profile and was able to pass traffic.
4. We then changed to dot1x and still able to pass traffic.
5. We then cloned to the exact production except ssid name and was able to reproduce the issue.
6. We removed the wmm config and was able to pass the traffic on test profile.
7. We did the same on production and was able to pass traffic on both ssid.
8. We believe wmm mappings are not prioritized all the way to uplink which is causing the issue

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