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Low Average SNR: User Connection Dropping



I have a user, as well as a few others reporting their connection signal frequently dropping. From what I can see from Airwave, the network signal is good, authentication is fine. However, the all seem to have a low SNR of about 20dB and it says ideally it should be 35dB. The access point, an AP105, belongs to an AP profile for our entire building so I don't want to make drastic changes to the configuration that may effect legacy users.What kind of changes can I make without being very intrusive to an AP group that can improve SNR, given that SNR would even cause a connection to drop? 



Apple MAC - drivers up to date

5 GHz (40)


AP Group: Primarily default

5GHz steering

Tx EIRP 15

ARM enabled: EIRP MAX/Min 127/9, client match, a only for 40MHz channels

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Re: Low Average SNR: User Connection Dropping

A couple things:


- SNR is how the AP sees the client.  That won't necessarily be controlled by AP power, BUT if the power is too high, clients will hold onto an AP longer, because it assumes the signal is good.  What the client cannot see is the SNR dropping from the AP side.  That is why it is important to moderate the AP's power output

- Usually an SNR of 25 is good enough for a client to communicate well.  35 is a canned value in Airwave that you can change.


Please look at the post here:  http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Technology-Blog/Removing-the-Bottleneck-in-Wireless/ba-p/77978 for ideas on what to do to improve your wifi.


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