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Low Speed Behind P2P Bridge

We've setup a P2P bridge from a main campus building to an outbuilding (which is having the fiber cut due to construction) using two AP-377's.  They are being used as Instant's instead of being configured and managed through the controller because it is still on 6.4.4.x code.  

The link comes up and I can successfully connect to the far-end switch, get an IP, and have network connectivity.  However, the highest speed I can get on speedtest.net is 25M down and 20M up.  This is after a lot of tweaking and eyeballing the devices by Maintenance to get the highest speed possible.

The distance between the devices is 825 ft., with an elevation of 107 meters on the Main building and 96 meters on the outbuilding.  I'm unsure how to position the AP's.  Maintenance is telling me they cannot attach a 20 to 30 foot pole atop the outbuilding, so I am attempting to tilt the devices.  

I'm rather new to bridging and would appreciate any suggestions.


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