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Lync SDN API 2.0 with AOS needs backwards compatibility mode turned on

With the adoption of lync growing fast we are seeing a huge uptake in the use of our Lync integration for Aruba. As a result we found an issue with the latest version (2.0) of Microsoft's SDN API and AOS version 


The SDN API needs to be run in compatiblity mode, otherwise no data will be processed by the controller. To do this add this key to the SDN API configuraiton file


<add key="backwardcompatibility" value="true" />


so your file would look like this



    <add key="submituri" value=";"/>

    <add key="backwardcompatibility" value="true" />

    <add key="alternativeuri" value=""/>

    <add key="hidepii" value="false"/>

    <add key="sendallcallqoe" value="true"/>

    <add key="sendrawsdp" value="false"/>


This flag sends XML data in a slightly different format. There is no difference in the type of dat abeing sent.


This is NOT needed for 6.4 as 6.4 was built with the new SDN API 2.0 features in mind. 


We are working on updating our guides on the website with new recomnedations and these changes.