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Lync traffic monitoring



I was wondering if the Lync traffic can be seen as SIP traffic in Monitoring >  Voice in order to create Reports.


PS. We do classify media via an ACL yet.




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Re: Lync traffic monitoring

Another old topic here.... Yes, Lync traffic can be monitored in AOS 6.3:


show app lync call-cdrs

This command displays the Call Detail Record (CDR) for prioritized Lync calls in the controller.


show app lync call-quality

This command displays the call quality information for Lync voice and video calls.


show app lync client-status

This command displays details of clients that are actively using Lync.


show app lync tracebuf

This command is used to record activities of Lync data, voice, and video clients. Up to 256 entries are recorded.


show app lync traffic-control

This command displays which types of Lync sessions are recognized and prioritized by Lync ALG.


You can also see this information in the GUI by going to Monitoring section, then the various call options.

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Re: Lync traffic monitoring

You would need to turn classify media on in order to see the Lync traffic with the voice monitor.


Lync is encrypted so we can't see the control traffic or monitor the RTP. Classify media is a trigger that tells the ALG to inspect the RTP to find Lync sessions. 

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