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MAC addr Accounting formatting

I'm running 2 different accounting servers at the moment. One is just a standard FreeRadius server that is for all wireless traffic. The second is our ClearPass Guest (Amigopod) server that get interim updates from the guest network.

Right now, we're running a dual Cisco/Aruba Environment on wireless, Phasing out CIsco and moving to Aruba. For the Cisco Controllers all accounting is being presented to both servers in a colon delimited format. For the Aruba Controller all accounting is being presented to both servers with no delimiter between segments. So in essence from Cisco I'm seeing a1:b2:c3:d4:e5:f6 and from Aruba I'm seeing a1b2c3d4e5f6.

I've tried changing the MAC authentication default settings to add the colon, but it doesn't do anything for the accounting apparently. I've also played in the CLI with the accounting server settings without any success. We're using various types of authentication on all our networks, and this holds true for both systems on all of those authentication types.

Is there any way to get the aruba controller to add the colon delimiter to the mac address for accounting and interim updates? Am I just missing a setting somewhere? Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

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Re: MAC addr Accounting formatting

There is no way to change this, on the Aruba Controller side, at this time...

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Re: MAC addr Accounting formatting


Its probably too late to help you, but we're in a similar boat with a multi-vendor deployment and attempting to standardize our logs.  I know Cisco gives you the following options for a mac-delimiter on their WLC's:

colon, hyphen, double-hyphen, and no delimiter.

So you could standardize on the Aruba format.   I'm still going to make a feature request with Aruba to support this capability.

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Re: MAC addr Accounting formatting

You're Right we could just standardize on a no-delimeter format, however, I'd rather have the delimeter since all our other products use some sort of delimeter, usually the colon.  Its more of an annoyance for me since I'm also the person who searches and checks the logs.  


I'd be happy to promote your idea once you submit it.  Thanks!

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