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MC А800 and VIA

Is it possible to implement the controller A800 connecting VIA clients in the amount of 20-40? If so, how? What licenses are needed for this? (in the price list, I saw a license for a new line of controllers: LIC-620-PEFV Policy Enforcement Firewall for Aruba 620 (VIA / VPN users), etc.)


Re: MC А800 and VIA

Prior to v6.1, PEFV license was not required for VIA clients.  VIA clients were treated the same as any VPN client.   Since the legacy controllers (including the 800) can only run 5.x code, this means that PEFV is not required for base VIA functionality.     Also, v5.x code only supports a limited number/type of VIA clients:


Windows 7, Vista, XP.....32 bit only.....VIA v.1.0, 1.1 and 1.2.    This also means you are limited to IKEv1.

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