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MESHOS MSR2000, Bridge/Client Mode over different subnets



I am trying to achieve the following scenario with one MSR2000.


Client is broadcasting their SSID "camp" network


on the msr2000:

radio0 is associated with "camp" in client mode. I can ping to the gateway (

radio1 is broadcasting its own SSID "private", network


Is there a way for the MSR2000 to bridge the two networks, and


If it is not possible.


How can I setup the MSR2000 so that it is effectively a repeater, or a transparent bridge. Re-broadcasting the "camp" ssid.


I have read the MeshOS 4.3 User Guide and AP_OutdoorPointToPoint Guide. It does not provide a  solution for my scenario.


I should note the other APs are from other Vendors.


cheers for any help.




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