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MIMO Antennas in Different Directions



Is it possible to have a 3x3 directional antenna system connected to a single AP with each of the 3 antennas pointing a different direction?


Obviously the throughput would be limited to 1 antenna at one time. It would effectively be a single AP with a very strange shaped cell.


Are there any examples of this in the wild?



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Re: MIMO Antennas in Different Directions

This is not possible.  All antenna elements must be oriented the same -- same direction and on the same plane.  You need multiple radios, each with their own antennas.  We have a quad-radio AP, the MSR4000, that can do this. 


Please take a look at our Outdoor VRD :http://www.arubanetworks.com/wp-content/uploads/OMWN_VRD_2012-01-04-1.pdf



Re: MIMO Antennas in Different Directions

I agree with Marcus.  In the very least you'll have 'hidden node' problems with clients.  The only time this would be acceptable is a point to multi-point link, which I'm sure is covered in the guide.

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Re: MIMO Antennas in Different Directions

Thanks for the answers, sounds reasonable 

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