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MM-VA Redundancy PassPhrase



I came accross and issue today while trying to register some Cap Licences to my MM-VA.


We have 2 MM-VA appliences running VRRP and Database sync. Up until last week MM01 was the Master. We decided to fail over to MM02 due to resourse utilization for the box that it resides on. Now when we are tying to register licenses using the passphrase we get error.MM.PNG

While taking a closer look I went back into MM01(The old Master) and check its passphrase, I noticed that is different that MM02.


I have been under the impressing that both MMs shared one Passphrase and thats how its able to share them, but I was wrong.


My question is, how would we be able to register licenses now that we failed over to MM02?

If I use the passphrase for MM01 it takes that error away, however I  dont know if it will take it since MM02 uses a different passphrase and it is the active.


Any help, or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thansk in advance!



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