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MOTO PDA MC40N0 inter-op issue

We are supporting an On-site POC  for a hospital at China.

Customer try to connect a MOTO MC40N0 PDA to Aruba controller based 802.11n AP;

However, the PDA can not conntect to ARUBA AP. After i read the datasheet and document for this Termninal.

I think maybe the Inter-op issue comes from 802.11r or 802.11d/h; but i am not sure which feature are enabled defaultly in this terminal.

I checked the configuration on controller 650 with AOS6.4.X, we shouldn't enable these two features defaultly. 

My question is,Based on current configuration on controller, which feature may cause inter-op issue? 802.11h/d ? or 802.11r?



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Re: MOTO PDA MC40N0 inter-op issue

802.11r by default is off and should stay off.  Whether 802.11d/h should be on is based on the terminal.  If it is off, try turning it on.  Please see the article here:  http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Controller-Based-WLANs/Why-Motorola-MC2180-bar-codes-is-unable-to-connect/ta-p/184458


UPDATE 6/2018 -  The updated RF and Roaming Optimization Validated Reference Design Guide (VRD) has been published and has updated recommendations about enabling 802.11v, k and r in user networks.  The VRD can be found here: http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Validated-Reference-Design/RF-and-Roaming-Optimization-for-Aruba-802-11ac-Networks/ta-p/432994


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Re: MOTO PDA MC40N0 inter-op issue

SHOULD BE this issue, SI told me that customer modified something on PDA, and now PDA can connect to ARUBA WIRELESS, i guess they disabled 802.11d/h. Document for this PDA also said that if there are some network connection issue, pls disable 802.11d/h

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