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MSR as backbone for CAPs or IAPs

Hey guys,


Could we use the MSRs as a wireless mesh backbone to deploy CAPs? What about IAPs?


We have a prospect who needs to build a once in a year wireless network in ~21,000,000 square meters area for a trailer parking lot, and they want to deploy access to the corporate network on certain trailers as an info booth a business center trailer, temporary offices, etc. The thing here is that they may want the corporate users to authenticate using their AD credentials and using 802.1x and provide the same policies the corporate users have at HQ.


They expect 20 to 25 users per CAP.


Thank you very much for your help.







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Re: MSR as backbone for CAPs or IAPs

Might be worth waiting for mesh to be supported on AC APs for the extra backhaul bandwidth, but it can definitely be done.
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Re: MSR as backbone for CAPs or IAPs

If you wanna wait for the AC mesh support or not, I can confirm I have had this working in a simple LAB setup with MSR's as backbone, and IAP's clustered and connected to the ethernet of the MSR's. I can't vouch for how it works in a production setup though.


Re: MSR as backbone for CAPs or IAPs



This is a functional solution.


Run MSR2K in a line and connect via ethernet cable to an AP-27x solution


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