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MST200 - PoE-Version - P/S is always red

Hello Guys,


i have a question to the MST200 Mesh-Router (PoE-Version).

I want to test some things with it before install them at the customer.


I plugged them into the PoE-Switch and they booted like expected.

But the P/S LED is always red. Following the installation Guide, the device is still booting.

But I can not imagine that the boot process took up to 2 hours.. So that couldn't be the

normal behaviour. (attached a picture of the LEDs).


Hope that there is someone who can help me..

Additional information: I didn't used the weatherproofed RJ-45 Connector, it is still the lab.

I will use the weatherproofed RJ-45 Connector when installing them at their positions.





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