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MST200 mesh/point to point issues

Hi, have 2 x mst200's installed for a point to point link,  after hours of config cannot get them to mesh at all.   Just need to tag a single vlan for a backup link, am I missing something ?? not seen these before so have set up as below,


ip nat
ip dhcp relay
ip dhcp server
authentication open key-management wpa2
psk ascii xxxx
mesh-id xxxx
neighbor-list-type inactive
preferred-link 0
neighbor host xxxx
preferred radio 0
router awr
debug error
router multicast
debug state
router ospf
debug none
service auto-orphan-recovery
service avt
mode disabled
service ntp
service recovery
debug-level error
service rf-management
debug process
service roaming-motrix
debug-level dump
service vplm
allowed-vlan auto
country-code GB
hostname xxxx
interface dot11radio 0
antenna-gain 14
cts-protection disable
wireless-mode na-ht40plus
interface gigabit-ethernet 0
description LAN_Interface
mode backhaul
switchport trunk allowed-vlan 1,106
interface loopback 0
ip address from-mac
interface vlan 1
ip address
mtu 1500
mesh installation outdoor
snmp-server syscontact support@arubanetworks.com
snmp-server syslocation BeiJing
pse-mode off
snmp-server community public ro
snmp-server community private rw
snmp-server trap open client_online
snmp-server trap open client_offline


the other configed the same ????




Re: MST200 mesh/point to point issues

In general with all mesh equipment it is critical to provision and test hardware indoors on a table before installing it.  Particularly since access to installed equipment at height often requires ladders, lifts or other equipment as well as safety procedures.


You are missing "wds auto" under the dot11radio profile.  This is necessary for the mesh to come up.


You also did not specify a channel list for operation, this is highly recommended to set statically after completing a spectrum survey to see which channels are clear.  MeshOS has limited ability to sense channel conditions but it is not a spectrum analyzer.   You need to do that in advance.


How long is the link?   If more than 500 meters then you must also set the distance parameter.


"mode gateway" is only on the wired link of the portal side.   Do not specify this on the other side or set "mode access".   This command tells the OS which direction is north in the link.  Also, it causes AWR to propagate any routes down to the other nodes in the mesh.


If you are still having trouble after correcting above, please send the output of:


show mesh neighbors

show mesh candidates

show mesh links

show log all




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Re: MST200 mesh/point to point issues

Hi, thanks for the advice, defaulted the units and started again and got mesh up.  Didnt set the chanell but will see how it goes.  Couldnt get the link to come up with 40mhz channels either.  As for the mode did not change this as there are switches at either end of link.  Distance about 100 metres max so left distance as unset.  Showed throughput as 130MB...


Re: MST200 mesh/point to point issues

ok, great.


defaulting the units will restore the WDS auto to the radio profile, so that makes sense.


not sure about the 40 issue.


TAC can also help you, they are very familiar with these products.


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