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Mac Address Description

Hey everyone, I just made our wireless network live and I have Mac Authentication enabled.  I have been adding users Mac Addresses and created a Access Database to store the mac address and the name and device of the indiviual users. 


My question is, is there a way in Aruba Instant to be able to associate the Mac Address to the Users name?



To setup the Mac Authentication, Aruba states you need to make the username and password the mac address of the device, but doesnt give you a notes field to give it any description.  Just wanted to know if I am missing something or do I need to keep doing what im doing, associate mac address and users name in my Access database with the mac address in Aruba.

Re: Mac Address Description

No...there is no way to accoplish this with Instant itself.  If you add ClearPass, you can add custom attributes for each MAC address AND then pass back that attribute to the IAPs and use that vs. MAC address as the user name!  Very handy

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Re: Mac Address Description

How do you associated your Access Database description into your IAP or Virtual Controller? 

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