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Machine Authentication Cache Issue

Hi Team,

I'm relatively new to Aruba, and am experiencing this issue with one of the clients we manage. 


Clients machines were timing out and they could not reauthenticate. We enabled enforce machine authentication, and changed the cache timeout to 5 days. Users continued to experience the same machine authentication failure and would have to reboot in about 24 hours. 


All users that join the domain are have the same role, which belongs to the same .1x profile. Is there any other L2 settings I need to validate? Is there anyway to confirm the that the Mobility Controller is cachine the mac-addresses of the machines correctly, or at all?


Thank you for all your time and help.


Best Regard,



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Re: Machine Authentication Cache Issue

The cached Mac addresses should be in the local user database with the expiry matching the cached times.

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Re: Machine Authentication Cache Issue

Solution Found!


Thanks so much for your help! I didn't see the macs of the users populating in the USERDB, which helped me find the solution. The wrong role was being used on the profile for Machine Authentication!


Thanks very much for your help!


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