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Hi Friends,


Yesterday, one of our customers raised very strange requirement about accessing the management of controller. Please see below and advice if any


Suppose we have 3 administrating user account i.e. User 1, User 2, and User 3, Where User 1 and User 2 are root user and User 3 is guest provisioning account. Now is there any possibility that User 1 can access the controller via GUI and CLI while User 2 can only access the controller from CLI (e.g. Telnet, SSH) but not from GUI ??

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Syed Murad Ali

Re: Management Access


  • Regarding your question - There is no problem for two(or more) ROOT accounts to login in the the controller all togather. (both via CLI / GUI).
  • There is no admin-role that allowing only telnet/ssh. (as far as i aware) *consider blocking traffic to the GUI port - and allow it only from 1-2 address.*
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