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Manually measuring floors question



When I add a floorplan and manually measure a floor in Airwave, is there a way to add the exact measurements for width and height.  It seems that when I measure one direction, it automatically sizes the other direction.


Is there a way to specify each direction individually ?





Re: Manually measuring floors question

There's no way to specify both width and height.  There also shouldn't be any reason to.


Is the calculated value off?  If so, by how much?


To find out current values, navigate to the floor plan

Go to the 'Edit' options, and select the 'resize' tool

Draw a line from wall to wall, note the values -> do this for both the height and width of the floor plan.


VisualRF expects that the uploaded floor plan will be according to a normal x,y axis scale.  Skewed images tend to bring about inaccurate client/rogue placement.  For better accuracy, we typically recommend using dwg / dwf files if possible as the values are embedded.

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