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Many to one redundancy question

Hello, i was analyzing this for a client which is getting interest in this model as they got many small sites with small controllers at the remote sites...


If the site controller fails then the APS fails


They are considering having a Many to one redundancy as i was telling that that it can  be a good redundancy and is not heavy cost...


Now all the remote sites got a WAN private link and it reach the central site through L3.


Now in this model i use LMS


But here is the thing that got me thinking.


On the remote sites they got for example vlan 10,11


Those vlans does not exist on the central corporate site...


So Those APS cannot be on tunnel mode... if they are then of course there will be an issue with the ip addressing and vlans, as they do not exist on the corporate site... so even if they can see the controller ont he corporate site then it will be useless...


So well it seems that putting the APS on bridge mode will be the answer... it doesnt matter if the controller in the remote site fails and then it central site Controller take over them.. as those APS are on campus bridge mode


If this is true that it works this way, it would be nice that on the VRD of Redundancy you put that as like an aside note that they APS should be campus bridges APS.


If im not getting something correctly please correct me and enlight me in the way it should be done correctly.




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Re: Many to one redundancy question

It can work using bridge mode or it can work using tunnel mode if you have those VLANs on the failover controller.  The VRD does not  address every single situation; you are correct.  We as humans are free to come up with our own designs that suit our own specific situations.

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Re: Many to one redundancy question

Thanks Collin!

Product Manager - Aruba Networks
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