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Master Controller Question

Hello there,


Could someone confirm the following please;


I have two 6000 controllers in a Master/Master Standby config.


The master standby controller is powered off. (flash failure)


I'm in a position now to turn it back on but Im afraid that I might lose my config because I've made so many changes to it on the other controller.


If I turn pre emption off on both controllers and make sure the VRRP priority is higher on my current working controller will that make sure it stays as the Master when I connect the other back to the network.


Or am I completely off the mark in in the thinking that the configs work that way?


Many Thanks




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Re: Master Controller Question



VRRP rules:


- When a controller comes up it will always listen to see if another device is advertising itself as master on the same VRRP instance (number).

- If  it hears a device is already advertising itself as master for that specific VRRP instance (number), the controller coming up will become backup UNLESS ---  the controller coming up has a higher priority AND it has preemption enabled.


I repeat:


The only way the second controller will take over the VRRP is if it has higher priority AND preemption is enabled on its VRRP instance.


To guard against the down controller taking over, do this:


- Do a backup flash on the Up master

- Give the UP master a high priority on the VRRP instance AND enable preemption on it


The controller coming up should not take over because it has a lower priority and it cannot preempt


TIP:  Make sure tracking is not enabled, because that will just complicate things.


*Answers and views expressed by me on this forum are my own and not necessarily the position of Aruba Networks or Hewlett Packard Enterprise.*
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Re: Master Controller Question

Perfect, thank you

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