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Master/Local Architecture

In Master/Local Controller architucture , what happens if Local fails and vice verse ? Can access points connected to local Controller will join Master if local fails or other way around ?

Appreciate your help.




Re: Master/Local Architecture

In a master/local architecture all controllers share a common wireless configuration.  Changes made on the master are pushed to each local.    If you have two controllers (one master and one local), you can decide whether to operate in an active/active or active/passive configuration when it comes to AP termination points.


If you have APs terminating on your local controller and the master goes down, you can continue to have APs terminate on the local and operate.   In the same setup, if the local fails, the APs can fail to the master so long as you have a backup LMS defined in your AP system profile or you are using VRRP between the master and local as the primary LMS.


More detailed information on redundancy can be found in the Mobility Controlers VRD, Chapter 5:




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Re: Master/Local Architecture

Thanks for help.

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Re: Master/Local Architecture

So what is Aruba recommended setup for a network with 2 Controller. Obe s ould go with 2xMaster operating in Active/Standby or One should proceed with Master/Local setup?

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Re: Master/Local Architecture

Sorry to bring up this thread from the past, but I'm in the middle of an Aruba deployment, and the ArubaOS manual isn't really clear on that topic, at least not for me.


We have two Aruba 7030 controllers (only one configured right now), and some 50 APs, and I'm not sure which route to go for redundancy.


Master Redundancy / HA Groups / Local Redundancy? All of them? 


 EDIT: Never mind, I should open a new thread. 

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