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Master Local Best Practices

Customer has (2) 7220 controllers and about 350 access points


They are currently set up as one being master the other local.


Each have a 20G links to the core switch.


So .... questions and best practices ???


1) Have all the ap's connect to the master with local being Backup LMS?


2) Have all the ap's connect to the local with master being Backup LMS?


Is there even a difference between choice 1 and 2? Will ap's failover quicker one way or the other?


3) Load share the ap's and have half connect to master and the other half local with backup lms being the opposite controller?


4) How about HA Group configuration? Set one controller to active and the other standby?  Both active?


If there is a power failure or for some other reason we loose a controller, we are wanting the absolute quickest ap switchover we can possibly get. Very high profile clients connected to wireless and we need to be able to completely loose a controller and have them never even notice. 




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Re: Master Local Best Practices

I would use HA fast failover and have the local controller as active and the master controller as standby.

HA fast failover is the quickest failover mechanism and having the APs separate from the master seems good practice.


Re: Master Local Best Practices

I'm with Dave, here's a good page to start:



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