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Master Local Setup queries!

please help in below queries:-


1) I have two controllers in two different locations, which are connected through p2p link. I have to achieve master-local architecture here. Both controllers will be in different IP segment, will this be a challenge in achieving Master Local setup(as both will have different subnet IP, however rechability will be there).


2) I also have one additional controller, which I am looking for active standby. So here do i require my controllers to be in same l2 domain?can i have active in location 1 & standby controller in location2, thaat to in different ip subnet?


3) Can i have both the controllers present in these two locations act as seperate master's(i.e without acting as master-local setup) , but still when location 1 controller fail, all the respective AP's should fall back to location 2 controller and vice versa?


Thanks in advance.

Re: Master Local Setup queries!

#1 - that should work so long as you have the proper ports and protocols open between the two sites to allow master-local. Check the user guide for all the ports required.

#2 - Only master-masterbackup are required to be on the same network/L2 segment. So you can have backup controllers on different L3 segments and just use the Backup LMS to point at the backup controller. Or you can put the third controller next to your local and use VRRP or APFF. 

#3 - This is tricky but can be done. You just have to make sure that you keep the masters in-sync regarding config, RADIUS servers, etc, and that you allocate the proper client VLANs and addressing (or just deal with the fact that should one site fail, the clients on that site will have to get all new IP addresses, etc. 

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