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Master Redundancy Failure



We are getting an error on the master redundancy syncronization as shown below:


Last L2 synchronization time: Tue Jun 18 15:31:30 2019

Last L3 synchronization time: Secondary not synchronized since last reboot

To Master Switch at *** FAILED ***

WMS Database backup file size: 53377 bytes

Local User Database backup file size: 46496 bytes

Global AP Database backup file size: 0 bytes

IAP Database backup file size: 0 bytes

Airgroup Database backup file size: 0 bytes

License Database backup file size: 0 bytes

CPSec Database backup file size: 0 bytes

Bocmgr Database backup file size: 0 bytes

L2 Synchronization took 7 second

L3 Synchronization took less than one second

Last failure cause: Standby switch did not acknowledge the user database restore request

423 L2 synchronization attempted

423 L2 synchronization have failed

0 L3 synchronization attempted

0 L3 synchronization have failed

L2 Periodic synchronization is enabled and runs every 30 minutes

L3 Periodic synchronization is disabled


I have logged into the CLI on the master switch and done show switches:


All Switches
IP Address IPv6 Address Name Location Type Model Version Status Configuration State Config Sync Time (sec) Config ID
---------- ------------ ---- -------- ---- ----- ------- ------ ------------------- ---------------------- --------- None WLAN-Cont-Primary Building1.floor1 standalone OAW-4010 up UPDATE SUCCESSFUL 0 4 None WLAN-Cont-Secondary Building1.floor1 standby OAW-4010 up UPDATE SUCCESSFUL 10 4

Synchronization doesn't include Captive Portal Custom data


Not sure as to why this is happening have had no problems before.  Both switches are also showing in the GUI under the mobility master node.



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Re: Master Redundancy Failure

Hi As per above log it's one of member is having and primary one have

Can you check both version are same or any members has been rebooted with another AOS?
And give some cli commands to check in detail.

Re: Master Redundancy Failure

Yes I have advised my colleague to do this tonight as it can't be upgraded in hours. 

Just didn't know if this would cause a sync issue however? Do you think it would?

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Re: Master Redundancy Failure

Yes. As per AOS MM-Redundancy, both versions should be the same.

otherwise, sync issue. Just try with the same version on backup and check status as per database sync time.


Note: and also check MM redundancy can enable only on MM level only.


Best Regards,



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