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Master and Local running VRRP between them


Is it possible to setup VRRP instance between a Master controller and a local controller?  Set the local as the primary in VRRP instance, and Master as backup, this way APs would connect to the Master only in case of local failure.


I read about this solution in the below post: 


The post is describing some failover situation that go beyond this question.


I have never ran VRRP between a Master and Local and am curious to see if others have.


What advantage does that have over just setting the lms ip to be local, and if local fails, APs terminate on the Master anyway?  I would think VRRP would be more seamless then lms/backup lms.


Any thoughts or concerns?




Re: Master and Local running VRRP between them

Yes, you can setup VRRP in this scenario if the controllers are on the same Layer 2 network.     I typically use VRRP when on the same network and then use backup-LMS when that cannot be done. 


I don't have any specific points to favor one over the other.  I always thought VRRP was faster, but have since realized that even if it is faster, it is not by much.   Either way, the tunnel is torn down and reestablished causing a brief disruption.

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Re: Master and Local running VRRP between them

VRRP is for layer 2 networks only indeed, when you need to failover between layer 3 networks you will need LMS and backup-LMS.


i was also told that vrrp would be faster, but if it doesn't matter that much choose what you want :)

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