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Master backup-master in different subnets

I've got a client who wants an redundant cluster using 2 3200 controllers.
Now he has 2 datacenters using a different subnet so VRRP is not possible.
He wants the AP's to connect using DNS and will arrange the failover in that setup.
Is it possible to setup a master-cluster but setup the VRRP?

Also as a second question. If this is possible.
Can the 2 controllers be used by the AP's? Or only one at a time? Because if this would work, the customer wants to use DNS round robin to create an active-active setup.
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Re: Master backup-master in different subnets

How about just doing a master and local setup and provision the APs 50/50 between them?  Each can back the other up as well.  I'm not really sure DNS is going to help you anyway.   Correct me if I'm wrong, but after provisioning, the LMS and Backup LMS settings in the AP system profile are going to tell the AP which controller to connect to.

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