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Mavericks connection issues


We have some strange connection problems at a site with Mavericks. When the user creates a wifi profile it connects perfectly but after a day or two, they cannot connect to the wireless network any more.

A user debug shows that the client does not send the user name/password since it believes it authenticated. After a while, the controller then disassociates the client since it did not receive the username and password.

The only way, which we have found, to correct the issue on the controller is to delete both the radius server certificate and the wifi profile from the keychain.
After this, the client can once again connect to the wirelesss network until the problem occurs again after a day or two.

The only thing that is different from some of our other sites/controllers is that the controller is running because the site is using AppleTV in the classrooms.
We are running on another site but here we are not using AppleTVs yet and we have no known issues.

We have some suspicions that the problem is not isolated to Mavericks because we also have problems with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 clients. Here the scenario is the same that if we delete the wireless profile the client can connect again for some period before running into connection issues. However, the debug log there does not show the same as with the Mavericks clients...

Does anyone have any suggestion to what can be the issue and whether it is a client or controller issue?


I have attached the debug log from one of the clients that has the issue. The first part is from where it fails and the second part is from where we have delete the wifi profile and the radius server certificate.

Regards, Karsten

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Re: Mavericks connection issues

Hi All,


Don't think I got the attachment attached so I'll just try one more time :)


Regards, Karsten

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