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Max AMP User Idle Timeout - @^#%$%^!!!



     Is there any way to overcome the Max AMP User Idle Timeout of 240 minutes?






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Re: Max AMP User Idle Timeout - @^#%$%^!!!

Yes you can disable timeout for a user with the below steps.


1. Login to AMP with admin privilages

2. Go to AMP Setup->Roles

3. Click on edit for the required user

4. Select 'Allow user to disable timeout:' to 'Yes'.


5. Now go to Home->User Info and select 'Disable Timeout:' to 'Yes'.

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Re: Max AMP User Idle Timeout - @^#%$%^

Wow, thank you :)

I like a lot of things about AMP, but this isn't one of them. They've
took something straightforward and turned it into an obstacle course...

Re: Max AMP User Idle Timeout - @^#%$%^

To change the max idle value allowed for Idle Timeout is on AMP Setup -> Authentication tab -> Login Configuration box -> Max AMP User Idle Timeout.


Note: This doesn't define the user's timeout value, this is just the ceiling limit for the maximum time that a user can set as their idle timeout value.


Then on Home -> User Info tab -> Display Preferences box -> Idle Timeout value can be set within the range.



Though if the timeout range is really large, then you may as well just disable the timeout.

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