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Max clients in AP-225, 274 and 275

Hi all


Please I need your help. I'm testing the max users support in AP-225, 274 and 275.


I understand for datasheet that the AP's support 255 clients for radio (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz), but in the moment that I connect clients the AP support only 90 users, the others clients cannot connect to network.


In standalone mode I configured in the SSID the max clients threshold to 150. There are others parameters for configure to reach the 150 users?


please your help









Re: Max clients in AP-225, 274 and 275

The setup affects the max. Is this IAP or controller, and I assume a single SSID? If controller based, you are using Tunnel mode on the VAP? It also depends on the client types and environment as well (need clean channels, etc). Are these real clients or some simulated system?


You can open a TAC case to help validate the config and/or identify the errors.

Jerrod Howard
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Re: Max clients in AP-225, 274 and 275

Hi Jhoward


I´m testing with IAP and Controller, yes is correct you appreciation I have one SSID.


In controller mode, the VAP is tunnel mode and band steering enable, the test is with real clients, android, iphone, ipad, laptops, etc


What parameter can I modify according to your experience?






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