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Max distance I can get with AP134 in mesh deployment



I want to make a mesh link witth Ap134 (one Ap in mesh portal and another in mesh point) in the 5 GHz Band, the distance between the two APs is 120 meter. I want know if that is possible and if they are another solution to do that. I want also know the max distance that Ap135  can assure  in mash deployment.


Thank you.

Re: Max distance I can get with AP134 in mesh deployment

I'm assuming this will be for an outdoor setup


There is a nice calculator here for looking at point to point links, http://www.proxim.com/products/knowledge-center/calculations/calculations-system-operating-margin-som


You should aim for a operating margin of 20 or more.  Using an AP-ANT-93 and taking the receive sensitivity values from the AP135 datasheet you should get out to 360m with 5GHz-HT20-MCS7/15/23, and EIRP (antenna gain + transmit power) of 20 dBm.


Using 5GHz-HT40-MCS7/15/23 it only works out at 240 meters.


There are other things to consider such as line of sight and other environmental factors, but that should give you a start.



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