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Max number of AP per Cluster

Hello Dears,


For an outdoor deployment, with the following requirements:

- 1 Mbps mean throughput per client
- 20 Average Clients per AP
- 50% Average users active
- 10 Mbps per AP


My query is:


> I want to confirm above figures are possble with "AP 270".

> For wireless backhaul with the 5GHz, I've considered max of (6 APs per Cluster), with max of 3 cascaded hops.


What is the max possible AP's per hop to achieve above numbers? For a good performance?


I've considred (4 ~ 6 AP's) per cluster.



Re: Max number of AP per Cluster

Is this controller-based or Instant? How many clusters would be in the same area? What is the topology of the mesh you are planning? What is the logical arrangement of PtP and PtMP? What distances between the APs? What is the backhaul channel width and is the environmental RF spectrum clean and available? Are you ONLY providing clients access on 2.4Ghz and backhaul on 5Ghz?


Your assumptions may or may not be viable. If your channel bandwidth is only 50-60Mbps (HT20) and you have 3 hops, that 4th AP on the end is left with (AT BEST) 5-8Mbps which falls below your thresholds. And if you have PtMP in the middle of those hops, it gets worse. If your mesh links are long, that total throughput could be lower. If you don't have clean RF, your bandwidth could be lower. 

Jerrod Howard
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Re: Max number of AP per Cluster

> They're all Controlled-based
> 19 Clusters per Area (Total number of AP's are around 85)
> Distance between AP's are almost 30 - 50 meters
> Clients are only on 2.4 GHz, and 5GHz is all for Backhauling

> Both options (PtP & PtMP) are proposed to the customer, but not yet decided what option they will select and go with,


The PtP & PtMP are mainly used to backhaul between the clusters, tothe output aggregation point.

Re: Max number of AP per Cluster

OK, so at those distances, with 275s, you will need to back off the power, but so long as the links are short and clients are not on the 5Ghz, you should be fine with HT40. You might try to manage the topology using 277s instead of 275s, simply to give you some physical RF isolation. With 19 clusters, you only have so many channels to use. For controller based though, keeping it at 6 APs per cluster, that should be safe. Nice work, sounds like a large outdoor gig!

Jerrod Howard
Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer
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