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Max number of conccurent users /AP

Dear ALL:

I need to know what is the maximum number of concurrent users per AP 175 (outdoor)

Re: Max number of conccurent users /AP


The max # of concurrent users per AP175 is 256 just as any other indoor AP. That said, please keep in mind that our recommended deployment number is 16 concurrent users per AP for meaningful per user throughput.

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Re: Max number of conccurent users /AP


I need to set an auditorium for 50 computers, how many AP-105s would be enough to support them ?

Or what is the maximum concurrent users per AP-105 ?

AP-105 Capacity

A single AP-105 would support 50 users easily, however in an auditorium/theatre design there are typically more than 1 AP with any best practices deployment. I have seen up to 230 users on some of our APs as an example.

If I had the design in front of me and was asked for a recommendation I would do the following:

- place two dual-radio AP-105s into the environment
- ideally home them back to two different LAN switches.
- activate spectrum load balancing, airtime fairness, band steering, and probe response threshold

This approach maximizes capacity, high availability, load balancing purposes.

A single AP-105 could handle 50 users, but remember 802.11 is a CSMA half duplex protocol. You want to minimize users 'waiting in line' to access the channel... how do you do that? Provide more channels is one approach (two AP-105s provide 4 channels for users to connect to)

All this ensures that the experience of all your users is optimized and readily available under all conditions (normal and abnormal, busy hour, and steady state etc)
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And what about mixed (legacy and new) APs models 60/61

Models 60/61, 70, 85tx, 105, 124
-What happen with the "activate spectrum load balancing, airtime fairness, band steering, and probe response threshold" parameters because some of them see each other and in some cases some are in one group and other are in other group.

-What commands are for check this parameters are activated or not and how monitor the brief if this opction affect to worst or improve?
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Re: Max number of conccurent users /AP

As part of the design process, I advise takinga  step back from the problem and first consider - What do you want the users to do?  You should first identify how much bandwidth you need in total, then see if this can be distributed amongst your AP's.


Generally I consider I get about 20Mbps from a single AP, in optimum conditions. This gives a maximum theoretical bandwidth of 60Mbps if you're using 802.11g. If this is enough (about a meg each), then you would probably get away with 3 AP's.


IF you need more than 3 (802.11g) , then be aware that you will almost certianly encounter lots of co-channel interference if you add a 4'th AP.




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Re: Max number of conccurent users /AP



dos the limit 255 is hard or recommanded ?

if  there is two over users over the 255 what happen ?


my customer want an AP indoor and outdoor that support the 400 users (every users with 2 MBPS): the solutions ?


Best regards 


Zammit Ikbel


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