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Maximum OS support for AP-105 with AP-7205 Controller

Hello Community, 


Sorry if a question like this has been posted already; but I have not been able to find any similar.


In my organization, we currently have 2 AP-7205-US controllers in our environment with an operating system version of We just ordered a batch of new access points (AP-315) which require at least OS version 6.5 to utilize the embedded beacons.


My question is, what is the maximum OS that is supported by the AP-105s with my controller. I vaguely remember during a prior upgrade (which brought us up to our current version) that was the highest OS supported for the AP-105 devices.


Might there be a matrix that lists maximum supported OS for devices? I know the AP whitepapers list the minimum OS, but we want to avoid proceeding with an OS upgrade (that will impact a large majority of our existing APs) or the purchase of devices that is too new and incompatible with what we have.


Thanks in advance.



Re: Maximum OS support for AP-105 with AP-7205 Controller

AP-105 is still fully supported in all active code versions.

The last supported AOS version for AP-105 is still TBD, so you can even upgrade to 8.x and be fine.

It is unlikely that this situation will change in the coming year or so.

Once that last version is decided (and available), it will be documented here: http://www.arubanetworks.com/support-services/end-of-life/#AccessPoints


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