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Memory needed for upgrade

We 3 controllers 2 are 6000/M3 and 1 3200xm. The 3200 not sure if it has enough to run code.


Memory (Kb) total: 760444     used: 287092    free: 473352


Re: Memory needed for upgrade

A 3200XM can run  The installation requires 40MB free memory if upgrading from the CLI or 60MB from the WebUI.   In your case, you may need to update it via the CLI.     You may also need to free up some flash space and possibly reboot the controller prior to update to free up some memory.  If you reboot to free up memory, upgrade immediately.


Check the Memory Requirements of the attached release notes.


Also, note that thd 3200XM will start to lose a few of 6.3 features as indicated below:



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Re: Memory needed for upgrade

That's what I thought was needing to going through the CLI. I normally do the upgrades via CLI. I checked the storage which is fine. But I might reboot the controller anyway before the upgrade. It is at an offsite location and they are not there when I plan on doing the upgrade. Thanks.

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