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Merge Captive Portal Accounts

Not certain if this is possible or not.  Looking to take captive portal accounts off an old controller that is running as a standalone and merge those into our captive portal accounts on a master/local pair.  Is that even a possibility?  I know there is an export/import option but didn't know if that would overlay or merge the accounts?  Old controller is a 2400 running and the master/local are 7210s on


Re: Merge Captive Portal Accounts

The import command for the internal user database will overwrite all entries.





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Re: Merge Captive Portal Accounts

Thanks for the answer.  That is what I was affraid of.  I'm guessing the only route to merge is manually re-create each user on the master/local pair.

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Re: Merge Captive Portal Accounts

or, get an external server that can centrally manage all your guest accounts across all clusters.....http://www.arubanetworks.com/products/security/network-access-control/clearpass-guest/

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Re: Merge Captive Portal Accounts

I don't mind manually re-entering the information to merge it is it possible to use the export function to get logons and passwords in plain text or is that not possible?  Does an encrypt disable need to be performed prior?

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Re: Merge Captive Portal Accounts

tried this, it doesn't seem possible. it is the local user database, so you get SQL style output. encrypt disable does nothing here.


if you feel lucky and have some SQL experience you could try to modify the exports from both controllers, merge these and import again. but if this bricks your system don't call TAC :)

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