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Mesh Access Point



I would like to ask for an advise. What model of Outdoor Access Point can I used for Mesh AP (Point to Point) with 600 meter distance. With Controller. Thank you in advance.



Re: Mesh Access Point

I would recommend a pair of AP-277s or 377s for easy deployment with the best performance, or you can use an AP-274/374 with an ANT-4x4-5314 directional antenna on each end for maximum performance or for use in high interference areas. If the area is not in a crowded area, and you want to save cost, the AP-367s may be viable as well.


Note this requires completely clear line of sight between the two APs.

Jerrod Howard
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Re: Mesh Access Point

Go with the AP274/374 with the ANT-4x4-5314. At 600m this should give you a receive signal level of around -57dbm (depending on cable loss). This will give you an operational margin of about 20db. The second reason to use this configuration is the antennas are higher gain with a narrower beam width, 30x30. Ideally if you are using it as a PTP and not a PTMP, you want to use the narrowest beam width possible. This will help eliminate interference from any other wireless systems in the area. Also make sure that you have 8' to 10' of clearance in the middle of your path for fresnel zone clearance. Good luck!
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