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Mesh Cluster Creation - From Magic to Science

In the great quest to expand our network, another mesh cluster is needed. The magic required to make it happen is once again just beyond my reach. The wizards that help in these situations have been contacted, but alas they are using their magic helping others.


The mesh portal is provisioned and the mesh point was provisioned and rebooted. It is now connected to a power injector. It shows on the controller as being unprovisioned and hasn't come up. While I await the wizards help, does anyone have any tried and true and tested steps to provision mesh portals and mesh points?


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Re: Mesh Cluster Creation - From Magic to Science

An access point will show up as unprovisioned if you did not provision the antenna gain for an AP with external antennas.  For other unprovision reasons you would look at the flag in the flags column.

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Re: Mesh Cluster Creation - From Magic to Science

That is good to know. Thanks. In this case, the APs are AP-365s.


When the AP first boots, it gets an IPv4 address running the version of 6.x  installed. It upgrades to the firmware and reboots and gets the same IPv4 address. When it is provisioned as a mesh point, it isn't getting an IPv4 address. It is getting an IPv6 address. We don't use IPv6 and IPv6 is disabled on the controller. Statically assigning the IPv4 address gets the AP provisioned as a mesh point. Is there a way to disable IPv6 on access points? TAC is looking into it. 

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