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Mesh - Lan2Lan Bridge



I'm trying to set up a LAN-2-LAN (Point-to-Point) mesh connections with 205H APs but I have som issues.

My biggest problem is how to set up Wired AP Port and mesh SSID (tunnel or bridge) becouse I can't get VLANs over the mesh link.


Scenario is simple - I have one switch with MeshPortal AP on one side and one switch with MeshPoint AP on the other side. I need to send all VLANS over the mesh link so I can connect wired clients on the other side. Well, maybe not so simple like I believed :-) 


Anyone who can help me here? I scanned this forum and User manual for how to set up Point-2-Point mesh link but I can't find any information that can help me right now.


This customer have a working Cisco APs now on this mesh link and I am trying to sell Aruba APs instead (a couple of AP-314 with antennas)  but I have to show that this works better than Cisco!


Thanks in advance.



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Re: Mesh - Lan2Lan Bridge

Are these instant APs or Campus (controller-ip) APs?

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Re: Mesh - Lan2Lan Bridge

Thanks for fast reply!


This is Campus AP.


Right now I'm testing with AP-205H but customer will have AP-314 with antennas.

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Re: Mesh - Lan2Lan Bridge

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Re: Mesh - Lan2Lan Bridge

Thanks, this was very helpfull.


Now when mesh link works so I've got another problem - with spanning tree on a Cisco switch. Mesh link is up about 2min and than it goes down - reason is block-state of switchport.

Strange enough that this happens om Mesh Point side of link which has no conection with LAN.


Any clue why this happens? 

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Re: Mesh - Lan2Lan Bridge

Do you have a network drawing with the topology? The port shouldn't go down unless there's a loop somewhere.


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Re: Mesh - Lan2Lan Bridge

Check Cisco port settings - you'll want the port to the AP set for portfast and will want to turn off BPDU guard. First guess is that BPDU guard is "protecting" you from the remote switch.


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Re: Mesh - Lan2Lan Bridge

Thanks, I'll try this and I'll be back with results.

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Re: Mesh - Lan2Lan Bridge

Hi Mate, 


I am trying to configure similar to your solution. My query is how to take Data and Voice VLAN from one end to other end. 

On Wireless Solution - I have only 2 vlans which are for mobile users but i need vlan to configure for wired users. 

Could you please let me know if this solution worked for you -???



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Re: Mesh - Lan2Lan Bridge



Yes, solution worked for me. :-)


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