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Mesh Link Troubles

I have a point to point link via a 3800 controller and two AP-175's with directional pad attenas


Link quality is 32 

Tx/Rx is only showing 65/65


Pings from the LAN out to the far side of the point are spotty at best with several timeouts.


I don't believe the antennas are out of alignment as link quality is still good at 32.


I have rebooted both portal and point AP's but problem remains.


Anything else I should try?


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Re: Mesh Link Troubles

Here are some troubleshooting steps for Point-to-Point Network 


During the configuration or staging of a mesh network it is possible that you could have some
issues with forming mesh links between the nodes or other setup issues. Some of the common
reasons for this include:
  - Configuring a different Mesh-ID on the two nodes.
  - Mismatch in the mesh security configured on the two nodes.
  - Radio on either of the nodes is down
  - Auto WDS is disabled on a radio.
In the attached document, you can try some of troubleshooting procedure to figure out the
reason for the downed link and fix it. 
  - Checking active links on each node.
  - Verifying mesh configuration on each node.
  - Getting device list within same Mesh-ID
  - Getting radio status of each radio on each node
  - Getting neighbor nodes
  - Help to align antenna in real deployment



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Re: Mesh Link Troubles

A couple of things to be sure of:
Use 5 Ghz for backhaul
Ensure power is set to max for backhaul.
Ensure there's no co-channel interference causing poor link speed. I've had that happen where the channel was busy 90% of the time and the mesh link wouldn't come up because of that.
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